Design Filosofie 



The 49th edition of the tour de France began on the 24th of June 1962. Starting in Nancy and ending, 22 stages and 4,274 kilometres later, in Paris. 


The Spring/ Summer 2019 collection brings together the striking elements from the Tour back then. The inspiring vintage feel to it, the elegance of the riders and their ever winning mentality. The strong colour blocking of their outfits and the dynamic play of lines. All combined they form the fundamentals of our inspiration.


Where style and sports meet, you’ll find the QNOOP SS19 collection in the centre. New designs, new colours, same ever-lasting quality. Subtle lines, matching colour combinations and extraordinary patterns. A collection that stands out. That takes on the challenge and never stops, no matter what. 


The tour starts now. Join the ride. 



Bring it together.