Green Week: Where from

Where do QNOOP socks come from?


We produce in Portugal because they have a great history of quality production for socks. Quality is key. The way we look at it, sustainability starts by making products that lasts long.


Portugal complies with European regulation when it comes to minimum wages, over time, and child labour. This is very important to us. And of course it’s relatively easy to visit the factory to really see for ourselves what’s going on.


Another reason we produce in Portugal is because we want to keep our carbon footprint from the manufacturers to our warehouse at a minimum. But we still have a footprint. That’s why we plant trees to compensate for our CO2 emission.


With gift season around the corner, buy yourself or a loved one a pair of QNOOP socks and become part of a changing fashion industry. Start by making an impact with the only piece of clothing that you wear every single day: your socks.

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