Design Philosophy

We’ll take you back to the 50’s. But not just any 50’s. The early 50’s in Britain. Because, this is where a completely new architectural movement started to occur called: Brutalism. Characterized by a material you might know: concrete.


Big, Raw, Brutal and Dangerous.

Back then, this material was a completely new material to build with. So, as a result many architectures started working with concrete. Massive buildings occurred. Where people formed diverse opinions about this new way of building. Many disliked and abhorred because of the static impressions it created. But, when you look closely. The forms and structures are, in a way, very exciting.


The new Fall/ Winter 2018 collection is here. We take you back to Britain, the 50’s. This is where a completely new architectural movement started: Brutalism. Inspired by this era, for our F/W18 collection we bring together the raw and brutal shapes in our socks. Brutal but friendly. Tonal yet colourful. Smart and qualitative. Sustainable and conscious. All at the same time.