Social & Environmental projects.

Black Friday? No way.

Instead of a Black Friday, we make it a Green & Social one. No discount craziness. Just a day to do good. Every year, on Black Friday. We make surethat for every pair of socks that is bought via our website, we donate one to the Salvation Army.

Why? Because absolutely everyone needs socks! And we want to make sure of that.
In 2017 we donated over a 100 pairs & made the foot of a lot of homeless very happy.


Transform yourself into a part-time archaeologist and dig up some old, dusty, basement material & ask yourself could this thing possibly have a second life?

Here’s an example… once in a while we clean up the office and find interesting material that could have a second life. For example an old festival-banner. We transformed this banner into 3 handy baskets.Used for separating our office trash.