An interesting statistic.

Did you know you lose 1.3 socks per month?
That’s almost 16 a year! Try and think about the impact on your city scale. Your country. The globe.
We all know what happens with the socks that lost their partner.  It’s not a happy ending. They get thrown out…Not really sustainable now is it?

Let alone the time you spend matching your socks and looking for lost ones in your washing machine/ closet/ under your bed.

That’s why you can tie our Qnoop socks together. With a button on one sock. And a loop on the other. Easy as that! No more missing socks. No more throwing out lonely socks. Pretty smart, pretty sustainable.

Now that we’re already talking about sustainability:

  • We produce with certified bio-cotton. Because we totally believe in it.

  • We dye our yarns in a certified dying house tot get the right coloring to your trendy feet. No pesticides whatsoever.

  • Our smart buttons are made of bio-degradable material.

  • Our labels are made of recycled cardboard.

  • We make sure we steam and press our socks in our factory in Portugal. So they’re ultra soft to your feet and it prevents shrinkage. No tiny socks after doing your laundry.

  • We really care a great deal about quality. The way we look at it. Sustainability starts with making a product that lasts long. So that is exactly what our socks do.

  • We produce in sunny Portugal because they really know how to make good socks over there. Also producing in Europe keeps the footprint of transport down.

  • But we have a footprint. Like anyone else on the planet. That’s why we plant trees to compensate for C02 emission. Besides that, we undertake social and sustainable projects and work hard to close the loop and be the nr. 1 choice in sustainable socks in the world.

    Let’s talk socks again soon.