Trees for all.

Yikes! 15 billion trees disappear every year. The amount of trees has fallen by almost 50% since the start of the industrial revolution 200 years ago.
But, don’t we all answer “yes” when the question: “do you like nature” is being asked? We mean… Trees give us oxygen to live!

So, therefore we want to keep this planet as green as possible. Planting trees is a very good way to compensate for C02 emissions.Trees for all is the only foundation in the Netherlands which plant trees in the Netherlands as well as abroad to compensate for C02-emissions.

Qnoop is collaborating with Trees for all by calculating the shipments from our suppliers to our warehouse and compensate accordingly. By supporting Trees for all we give back to nature by compensating our emissions and providing the local population with job opportunities.

So, every time our socks are being transported from Portugal to the Netherlands. Trees are planted. This way, we try to be as circulair as we can be.