Green Week: Button & loop

One of the most unsustainable things about socks is that you lose one and throw away the other as a consequence!


Did you know on average people lose 1.3 socks a month? That’s over 15 socks every year! That is not very durable: you’re left with one single sock and eventually you’ll throw it away. That adds up to an incredible figure of 265 million socks in one year for a small country like the Netherlands alone!


That’s when QNOOP decided to take a closer look at the problem of the missing sock and came up with a solution to dissolve this once and for all. Voilà, we designed our socks with a biodegradable button on one, and a loop on the other. This way you can tie them together before washing them, and they’ll never get separated anymore! Smart, sustainable and it will save you time! Who wouldn’t want a pair of socks for Sinterklaas that you’d never lose?


The cool thing about our biodegradable buttons is that 80% of its fibres are made from products used in the food industry (e.g. wheat, semolina and maize meal) and 20% of natural cellulose binders. This means that the buttons can break down quickly and reduce the amount of rubbish collecting in landfills and in the environment.


Never lose your socks again?
QNOOP, Bring it together

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